Essential oils for babies

If you are expecting a child, or you have just become a mother or father, and you use essential oils to scent your home, you can continue doing so. In this post we focus on two very common topics for mothers and fathers:

1) safety on the use of essential oils at home when there are babies, and

2) essential oils we can use for babies.

< p> Aromatherapy is compatible with breastfeeding and babies, but you have to take certain aspects into account to do it safely. Our recommendation is always to consult a specialist as each case usually has its own peculiarities and therefore we can only give general indications.

First of all, the essential oils that we use with our babies should be organic and free of synthetic ingredients and preservatives. They should also be used occasionally and not regularly . And since essential oils are highly concentrated, the most important thing is to use the proper dose . The dose will vary depending on the age of your baby, logically starting with smaller doses (more diluted oil). We explain it in detail below.

In addition to chamomile, the most suitable essential oil for babies is organic lavender for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Can I use the diffuser if there is a baby at home?

In general, the use of essential oils at home is not recommended when there is newly born. From 3 months they can be used respecting the doses.

In the case of the diffuser, the recommendation would be to use at most 3 drops in the diffuser , and avoid leaving it on for a long time if the surface is small to avoid that the atmosphere is very loaded. This dose is also suitable for pregnant women.

Can essential oils be used for babies?

Yes. There are many natural remedies to help us with different problems of babies (irritation caused by the diaper, vomiting, coughs and colds, eczema, etc.) but we are not doctors nor can we advise individually so we will focus on the use of the lavender for sleep enhancement and massage.

Lavender oil for sleep

If your baby is not sleeping well and has already had his feed, he has drunk water and has been changed, it is possible You have gotten into the habit of waking up. It is at this point when the use of lavender essential oil can help us. It involves putting a bowl of hot water in a corner of the floor of the room where the baby sleeps, but not near or under his head, and adding the following doses of lavender essential oil.

  • For newborns to 3 months - add a drop of lavender essential oil in two tablespoons of water and mix well. Take half a tablespoon of this mixture and add it to the hot water in the bowl. Being newborn babies, the dose of essential oil is very small, a quarter of a drop, and it would be used in exceptional or emergency circumstances, that is, ultimately when nothing else works.
  • From 3 months to 12 months - add a whole drop of organic lavender essential oil to the hot water in the bowl. The remedy consists of using lavender essential oil day in and day out for 8 days, taking a one-week break and repeating if necessary.

We recommend using a bowl of water instead of the diffuser because the amount of essential oil that can be used with a newborn is very very small and the only method that gives you control over the amount that will evaporate in the room is this, since the amount of water that evaporates is small because before doing so it cools down.

Lavender oil for soothing massage

Massage is a way to connect with the baby in addition to stimulating their skin and sense of touch. Organic lavender massage has a calming effect on the nervous system and can also improve eczema symptoms.

The massage can be done on the whole body of the baby, avoiding the face, neck, head and genitals.

The mixture would be made by diluting 1 drop of lavender essential oil in two tablespoons (30ml) of vegetable carrier oil (we recommend that of sweet almonds), and use no more than a quarter for the massage of the tablespoon.

With babies it is not necessary to use essential oils every day but it is best to alternate them or use them only when needed. The sweet almond carrier vegetable oil can be used the rest of the days that the mixture with the lavender essential oil is not used.

Family time is quality time. That is why at Bynahla we are delighted to accompany you and your family safely.

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