How to use essential oils

Using our essential oils is very easy. If you have never used them, it may involve a little initial effort, but then this effort no longer exists, as it ends up becoming a healthy routine that brings great benefits to your well-being. And it is that essential oils are our great allies. Whether to help us sleep, concentrate, improve our mood, relax, etc. as well as to act against common problems such as tired feet, bites, chafing, nasal congestion, etc.

Below we indicate the most common ways of using essential oils. Essential oils are 100% pure and highly concentrated in natural components, so with the exception of lavender, they cannot be applied directly to the skin. In addition to possible allergies, consult the precautions for use and contraindications, especially if you are under medical treatment. The use of essential oils in pregnant women or during lactation is not recommended, as well as their use in children under 12 years of age. In case of doubt, always consult your specialist doctor.

Respiratory route - inhalation

  1. Aroma diffuser

The aroma diffuser purifies the environment we breathe and r educe the amount of bacteria and fungi in the environment that cause disease.

Using essential oils via diffuser is a very comfortable way to quickly change the environment according to your needs. With our ceramic diffuser you can do it with style and be the owner of your space.

2. In a handkerchief - or on your pillow - or in the shower

You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, which make you feel good or the one that reminds you of home, in a handkerchief and carry it with you during the day or on a trip. If you are nervous before a meeting, for example, you can smell it and calm down, or if you are on a plane it will help you feel at home and sleep more easily. The important thing is to be able to use your scent quickly wherever you are.

Bynahla Tip (1): you can put A few drops of lavender on a handkerchief under your pillow will help you relax and sleep better. Lavender oil is transparent so it won't stain your sheets.

Tip Bynahla (2): we really like to use a few drops of eucalyptus on the floor or the wall of the shower, when the water evaporates it collects the essence and it is like having a spa at home!

3. Inhaling directly from the bottle

Breathe in and be transported in the scent in a second. You don't need anything else, just have your essential oil bottle close at hand.

Topical - skin

4. Diluting the essential oil in a vegetable oil carrier or lotion (body cream, conditioner, etc.)

Essential oils are highly concentrated in natural components and with the exception of very few, such as lavender, all must be diluted before applying to the skin. One way to do this is to dilute a few drops in a vegetable oil that acts as a carrier (almond oils, jojoba) or a lotion (body lotion, shampoo or conditioner). Before applying it to the skin, do a test on the elbow to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction.

Bynahla Tip: We really like to use a couple of drops of grapefruit along with Nivea body cream on our legs, you will notice the smoother and softer skin. Of course, grapefruit oil is photosensitizing, which means that you will not be able to expose yourself to the sun.

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