Well-being dose (I): BeBalance Barcelona and health based on movement and breathing

Arantxa Pascual and Júlia Antolín are the founders of BeBalance Barcelona . Being passionate about yoga and mindfulness, they decided to bring these techniques closer to people by approaching them from an anatomical point of view based on movement and breathing for therapeutic purposes.

The project arose while they were working in the corporate world, Arantxa as a strategic marketing specialist in the consumer health sector and Júlia as a creative in the world of graphic design. BeBalance Barcelona's value proposition is specifically aimed at improving well-being in our work offices and they count with different companies based in Barcelona as clients. " We know that spending more than 8 hours sitting in an office is not going well for us, but it is not only that, it is also being able to manage the reconciliation of our personal life with the professional one, managing our moments of stress and that the company for the that we work, accompany us in our process. "

Arantxa and Júlia have adapted to physical restrictions derived from Covid-19 to teach classes through virtual communications and online videos. They confess that it is not the same but their commitment to people and their well-being is even stronger, so they are prepared so that when everything changes they can bring us well-being practices in person with more energy than ever.

What advice would you give us to relieve stress?

  • Search real time for yourself
  • Have a space where you are comfortable and feel good (without interruptions)
  • Do small stretching exercises
  • Accompany this moment with a breathing exercise, for example Chandra Bhedana, also called lunar respiration. The goal is relaxation and activation of the parasympathetic system. To do it, follow these steps:
1. Sit up straight
2. Cover the right nostril with your thumb resting index and middle finger between the eyebrows.
3. Inhale deeply through the left nostril
4. Hold a full lung breath for two to three seconds
6. Exhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril
7. If you feel comfortable, hold your breath for two or three seconds without air in the lungs
8. And the whole process begins again. The technique should be performed for 11 minutes. We advise you to listen to your body and respect it. If this is the first time that you practice this technique, it is possible that you will do the exercise shorter or without retentions.
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What simple exercises can we do to stretch while we work?

How do you relax after a hard day at work?

Júlia: "I try to invest time every afternoon in an intense yoga practice with subsequent relaxation. Sometimes it is not yoga but almost always it is some physical activity (cycling, swimming, climbing or whatever arises). I take advantage of the post-activity to relax the whole body and mind. After a relaxing shower I like to cook, experimenting with food and paying full attention to what I do, smelling and guiding my instincts. day to read a book or just go to bed early or talk with my partner and ramble about existence. "

Arantxa:" My day begins with a yoga practice first thing in the morning, longer or shorter depending on how I feel. Sometimes I take my break at noon (the practice that suits me best) and recharge my batteries for an afternoon full of energy and creativity. And at night, light dinner, reading with the little ones in the house (sometimes Netflix series) and to bed early. I prepare the relaxation of my day in the face of a possible hard day at work. Ah! And do it all consciously! "

What place transmits peace and happiness? What does it smell like?

Arantxa:" The smell of grass fresh in the morning, fresh, the smell of fruit, the smell of nature, the smell of freedom and security in an environment of silence and peace. "
Júlia:" In the mountains, the freedom, the pure air, the sounds. The humid smell of the forest, the infinite trees towards the sky, the smell of logs and resin; pines, oaks, ... "

What book do you recommend us?

The recommendation is to read what you feel like today and want to enjoy. Today we recommend Sapiens , a book that you have surely heard of, where Yuval Noah Harari leads us on a dizzying journey through the entire history of the human being, from our evolutionary roots to the era of capitalism and genetic engineering , to reveal why we are the way we are.

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