(Non-material) Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching and the pressure to give gifts to our partners, loved ones and families. They are the people we care about the most but many times we don't know what to give them because they already have everything they need and what they want we can hardly ever buy, such as a house on the beach.

Given this situation, we could say that we could find three groups of people, those who give away "the latest" for example, a drone or a smartwatch, those who give away "useful things" something for the house, pajamas, socks and those who give away " experiences "trip for two, tickets to a concert, a dinner in a special place.al).  

For those of us who classify ourselves within the third group, that of experiences, this year we have it more complicated because many of the plans cannot be carried out, they are complicated or there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the possibility that they can be carried out, or they are simply less appealing than other times. What options we haves?

Think of the simple things that we took for granted, like having the freedom to go down the street without a mask, without schedules, screaming and jumping like there was no tomorrow at a concert or traveling wherever we wanted.

All that will come back. What does not come back is time. Not the people who are leaving. Therefore, ask yourself, ¿What would you give that person if you knew it was their last Christmas?

1. Time.

Mark time in your schedule to spend with friends and family.

The best gift is always your presence but this year it may not be the most appropriate if you live in another province or in another "family bubble". Don't let the restrictions prevent you from feeling close to them so get creative and organize a virtual plan. For example, you can organize a meeting to make a snack, cook a dessert together, or play a board game.

two. Attention.

Make the time you spend with that person count, make them feel that in that moment the most important thing is precisely that moment. It doesn't matter if it's in person or over the phone.

Really listen, processing what the other person tells us not simply "downloading" what we hear and without planning the responses.. 

Without distractions, leaving the mobile or the computer aside. You will not have the opportunity to see that series or get lost on Instagram at another time? 

3. Emotion.

Tell that person how important he or she is to you, what you like the most about him or her, congratulate them on their achievements, or describe what you felt at some point that you shared together.

Put aside the taboos and verbalize your emotion. It is something that we should do on a regular basis. If you do it in writing, the better.

Four. Space.

Give yourself and your loved ones space. Space to feel, recover, make mistakes and receive everything that is yet to come.


The good thing about these gifts is that We can all afford them, they can be done throughout the year and are 100 sustainable because the only resource you use is your heartn , and it gets bigger the more you use it.

Happy Holidays!


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