Ancient remedies in modern times

We tend to think that thanks to technological advances, our lives have improved compared to those of our ancestors. And this is true in almost every aspect of our lives until we think about our personal care.

From Bynahla we encourage you to explore with us the restorative and healing potential of plants, that you open the door of your home to formulas and remedies that will help you improve your well-being in a natural way as our ancestors did.

The world has evolved in such a way that we can afford to buy everything we want and access endless information, but almost always we are completely unaware of the basis of the ingredients and chemical compounds that are unconsciously present in our day to day.

Due to the lack of evolution of science in those times and the arrival of it among the different communities, our ancestors resorted to home remedies for the treatment of ailments. The plants were their great allies because through them they got all the necessary therapeutic remedies. Today, despite the fact that many of our medicines are based on compounds that are extracted from plants, we tend to ignore home remedies for our care.

The methods used in ancient Rome were as varied as external application, inhalation, oral ingestion, and suppositories. External application consists of using body oils, compresses, gels, lotions and baths. The application by inhalation consists of the use of diffusers, sprays, vaporizers or directly from the bottle or a tissue. Oral ingestion is reserved for use by a qualified practitioner or expert.

Obviously I am not saying that we should treat ourselves only through home remedies because thanks to modern medicine and pharmacy we have managed to treat diseases and ailments that we would not have been able to do otherwise, but there are many grandmother's remedies that can be very effective for treat burns, headache, toothache, stomach pain, swollen feet, etc. The list is huge!e!

From Bynahla we want to bring you closer to nature wherever you are to improve your well-being and guide you to be the owners of your space.

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