Essential oils - Our great allies

Nature has given us a treasure in liquid form: essential oils. Essential oils have a wide variety of therapeutic applications and their aroma can affect our mood, our mood and our emotions. Through essential oils we can explore other more aesthetic, emotional and even spiritual aspects of our lives. And it is that its chemical properties are in tune with people because, like them, oils have multiple facets.

Essential oils are our great allies and a great gift of nature, like water and food. Not only do they help us solve many problems, but they also set the spaces with a distinctive and pleasant smell!

Essential oils are extracted from different trees, shrubs, herbs, roots, fruits, and flowers. For example, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and bergamot are extracted from the skin of the fruits, while incense comes from the resin of your tree, pine from the needles of your leaves and sandalwood from the wood of your tree. The form of extraction and especially how much is extracted from each element determines the price of the oil, therefore we find great disparity in prices. For example, it takes 10,000 roses to extract 5ml of rose essential oil!

Each essential oil has its properties. On average each essential oil contains 100 chemical components, and there is a small part that even today cannot be identified. This is precisely the reason that distinguishes essential oils from a pure chemical-based component. In addition, essential oils are also complex in terms of their electromagnetic or vibrational frequency. Electrical properties are defined in terms of positive-negative and polarity. Some oils are optically active and rotate slightly clockwise, others counterclockwise. If we combine all these elements with the human body, which also has these properties, we can obtain great harmony and potential as a result.

Thanks to there are different techniques to apply essential oils it is very easy to incorporate them into our routine to improve our well-being .

You dare to discover with us all those benefits?

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