5 blends with essential oils

Mezclas aceites esenciales Bynahla

Essential oils make us fall in love with their aromas and their properties equally. In this article we suggest 5 blends with our essential oils of Lavender, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus and Cedarwood to scent your home naturally and intentionally .

1. Breathe better

As if you were immersed in a great forest and each breath filled your lungs with pure nature and well-being.

3 drops of essential oil of cedar + 1 drop of essential oil of eucalyptus

2. Good evening

Calm down with the calming properties of cedarwood and the sedative properties of lavender.

3 drops of cedarwood essential oil + 1 drop of lavender essential oil

3. Headache

Eliminate the headache caused by stress with this natural combination.

3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil + 2 drops of lavender essential oil

4. Energizing

Fill yourself with energy with this irresistible fruit-floral combination.

4 drops of grapefruit essential oil + 1 drop of lavender

5. Raise your spirit

< Use grapefruit and cedarwood for a mood boost. Because sometimes something as simple as this mix helps you feel more upbeat.

5 drops of grapefruit + 2 drops of cedarwood

Each person is different and we do not want to be prescriptive so we encourage you to combine and adjust the amounts to your liking. If you think that one of the blends smells very strong, we recommend that you lower the dose and if there is any oil that does not cause you a pleasant feeling, refrain from using it. The important thing is that you learn to combine the oils and use them to scent your home and improve your well-being naturally.

Do you recommend any other mix? Leave it in the comments!

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