Improve your working from home

You may have to continue working from home for a long time, so we invite you to consider investing in improving your workspace so that the days are more bearable and your productivity does not suffer.

1. Reserve a space exclusively for work

As far as possible, have a space reserved at home to work. That space has to be respected by all members to avoid distractions. If you don't have that extra space, install a table in a part of the living room or your room and keep it as neat as possible. Try not to use that table for other things, for example, use a different table for eating than for work.

2. Have adequate furniture

Make sure your furniture at home is as similar as possible to your office. Having to buy all this material without a subsidy from the company is expensive, but it is a great investment that will make a difference in your productivity and in your health.

First of all, make sure you use a table big enough to accommodate at least your computer, an extra screen that is as large as possible, a keyboard and a mouse. If you are going to spend many hours sitting, having these peripherals is essential so that our back and our eyes do not suffer. There is a huge difference from working on a laptop to using a large screen with keyboard and mouse!

An ergonomic chair is also essential - it is not enough to use any chair in the house, since it is not the same using a chair for two hours during a meal than using a work chair for eight (or twelve) hours. A good working chair also requires to provide support for the arms.

3. Look for natural light

Always look for sunlight. Natural light is vital for people's health, it increases our spirits, combats depression and eye fatigue and sets the biological rhythms that significantly influence the quality of sleep.

4. Creates a stimulating sensory space

The sense of smell captures aromatic particles and sends electrical signals to the brain, which then pass through the limbic system, where emotions are triggered, and later to the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, where the aroma is compared with the information stored in memory and interpreted to identify what we smell. We are interested in using the sense of smell to our advantage to create a sensory space that stimulates us to work properly, to be calm, focused and in a good mood.

Discover Bynahla's aromatic options to improve and control your work space. The cedar provides connection with the earth, calm and concentration; the eucalyptus purifies the atmosphere of the house and helps us breathe better, which influences our focus; the grapefruit helps us to improve mood and lavender helps us to disconnect when the work day is over and We begin to prepare the rest phase.

5. Set schedules and take the corresponding breaks

Being in telework mode at home does not mean having to be in front of the computer all day. Meet your schedules, your breaks and at the end of the official day, do not sit at the table again to continue working. Due to proximity, having the work desk in the room or living room, and out of boredom, not having so many plans and spending more time at home, we tend to remain connected to work after our day. The emails and tasks are endless, you will always have something to do and some mail to answer, but it is important to set schedules and work in the same way that you would if you were in the office.

6. Dress appropriately

After the first days of the illusion of working in pajamas, it is very important to maintain a dress habit. Of course, you don't need to wear a shirt or suit, but taking care of your image will make you feel better and will affect your mood and productivity.

7. Go out to the street

Go out to the street to get some fresh air. When you notice that you are not giving up or you are confused with a topic, go out for a walk, when you return you will come back fresher and with clearer ideas.

8. Stay in touch with your colleagues

Try to talk to your colleagues on the phone or make video calls to maintain team spirit and restore personal relationships. Not doing it for a sustained period of time will increase our feeling of isolation and loneliness and can even feed the feeling of not belonging to a company.

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