Formula to have a good day

Today I started the day on the right foot. I got up at the time I had decided I would get up the day before and managed to do a high intensity training session at home. After going through the shower, doing my facial care routine and dressing in a very knitted tracksuit I felt good - today is going to be a great day!

But it's Monday in January. Back to work (although from home) and the day is gray. The news of the pandemic and the potential new lockdown around the corner is starting to take a toll on my spirits. I want to get together with my friends, to travel, to go out to eat with my mother. I feel that I have lost a lot of vital time, that many of the canceled plans may not return, and in view of the fact that the vaccination process is going to be slow and the lack of control in the infections, I am beginning to feel restless. I exchange some WhatsApp messages with several friends and the feeling is shared.

And what can we do?

We have to cheer up, we have no choice! That is the general response that I find in my environment. The first thing that comes to mind is to put perspective in our life, that makes us feel lucky because no matter how bad we are, we have a roof to sleep on, we can choose what we eat and we have the internet to hang out and be connected to the world .

And that is precisely what today's article on the blog of Frank Spartan , an article that has been of great help to me as it perfectly described my discomfort and the antidote to that feeling that was making my morning bitter despite having started it as planned. I have found it so useful and relevant, that I want to share your magic formula with you.

Formula to have a great day

    < li class = "mailpoet_paragraph"> Remember your great purpose
  1. Create a special moment with someone
  2. Put into practice a habit that improves your life
  3. Be aware of how lucky you are

I have decided to take action, and after reading it carefully, and go thinking and writing down all those things that came to my head (it helps me a lot to write down ideas or thoughts in a notebook, because when writing them it is as if I were materializing them), I wanted to renew the environment of my living room / office uses ndo Cedar Essential Oil to help me get in calm and get focus on work. And voilà, mission accomplished! I have managed to improve the rest of the day and not spoil it (emotionally speaking).

I hope this post helps you to reflect, especially if you are down, and to face the day to day of the pandemic with another attitude.

A lot of health and well-being,


Founder and CEO of Bynahla

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