Just The Essentials

  • Lavender and Eucalyptus: 3 ways to turn your bathroom into a spa

    Who doesn't want to have a spa at home? Here are 3 easy ways to use lavender essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil to transform your bathroom into a spa. Enjoying its relaxing, calming and energizing benefits has never been easier.

  • Well-being dose (I): BeBalance Barcelona and health based on movement and breathing

    The founders of BeBalance Barcelona share with Bynahla their advice to reduce stress and improve our postural health with a few simple exercises.

  • 5 blends with essential oils

    It is possible that your home smells good and also helps you achieve a specific goal. In this article we propose 5 blends with our essential oils of Lavender, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus and Cedarwood to scent your home naturally and intentionally.

  • Emotional well-being during Covid-19

    At this point there is no doubt that the Covid-19 crisis has taken its toll on our emotional well-being. Recently, Harvard Business Review released the results of a survey in which 85% of respondents answered that their well-being had declined since the start of the pandemic. Did you think you were alone?

  • Essential oils for babies

    Aromatherapy is compatible with babies. We discovered safe ways to use essential oils at home with children and the use of lavender essential oil in babies up to 12 months.

  • Improve the quality of your sleep

    In this post we discover the keys to improve the quality of your sleep .

    Sleeping more is not equivalent to resting more and as you charge your mobile it is essential that you recharge your batteries properly. You are responsible for creating your own space, both physical and mental. It is in your hands to learn to carry a proper sleep hygiene.

  • Formula to have a good day

    We are practically ending the first month of the year and we are increasingly aware that the pandemic is going on for much longer than we thought. Are you down as well? We share the magic formula to have a great day.

  • How to use essential oils

    Essential oils are our great allies, either to help in our sleep, as to improve our mood or help us concentrate while we work. Learn to use them and incorporate them into your routine, your well-being will improve naturally.
  • Bynahla's Essentials

    On January 1st we launched our Esencial collection in pre-sale, a collection of a modern and stylish ceramic diffuser and four essential oils 100% pure, natural, vegan and cruelty-free .

    "Essential" because it is a selection of four essential oils that by themselves cover a wide spectrum of therapeutic properties.

    "Essential" because it is everything you need to awaken your senses and use them to your advantage to improve your well-being naturally.

    Explore our Essentials collection in this post.

  • Essential oils - Our great allies

    Are you familiar with the benefits of essential oils?

    In this post we want to introduce you to the universe of natural oils and their multiple benefits. Learn how to improve your natural well-being, whether it be improving sleep, increasing concentration or calming down, for example, from natural remedies that our ancestors used.

  • Ancient remedies in modern times

    We encourage you to explore with us the restorative and healing potential of plants, that you open the door of your home to formulas and remedies that will help you improve your well-being in a natural way as our ancestors did.