How to create my space

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Smell is the sense in charge of detecting and processing odors and it is a very powerful sense to give answers consciously.

Wikipedia defines smell as a chemical sense in which the aromatic or odoriferous particles released from the volatile bodies act as stimulants that, through the inspired air, come into contact with the olfactory epithelium located in the nose . We are capable of processing more than 10,000 smells, and depending on what we process our brain generates one response or another. For example, when we smell a food that is in bad condition, we are immediately able to identify that it is not in good condition and reject it.

In the same way that our brain reacts to negative sensations, it also responds to positive ones and therefore we can stimulate the sense of smell to create the space we need. We propose you three quick and easy ways to do it:

1. Using your ceramic diffuser.

Create your space quickly and purify your environment for your enjoyment.

The diffuser is silent, only the sound of water evaporating is heard slightly, and when it evaporates it creates a relaxing visual effect.

2. Adding a few drops to a tissue.

Smell the handkerchief and transport yourself to the space you need. A very quick way if you don't have the diffuser at hand. You can also open the bottle and smell it directly.

3. Preparing a mixture with a carrier oil.

Mix a few drops of the essential oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage the area (legs, back, neck, etc. ).