About us

I am going to tell you what is Bynahla.

Bynhala's spirit is to improve your natural well-being by providing you with the environment you need.

Through pure and natural essential oils with multiple and recognized properties Bynahla helps you control your space. Scents are very powerful to create the environment or give us the "mood" we need, be it energy, concentration, calm, or disconnection. Scents also have the ability to take us to distant places or make us relive memories that make us happy.

Bynahla is a conscious and responsible project with our environment. We firmly believe in being able to conduct a profitable business without neglecting the environment and people. Through a strategic collaboration with PlasticBank, Bynahla contributes to reducing plastic pollution and preventing 50,000 plastic bottles from entering the oceans, the equivalent of 1,100 kgs, and reducing poverty by supporting the work of 55 families in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, The Philippines and Egypt. You can consult more details about how we carry out our activity here. 

Now I want to tell youhow we started.

Bynahla was born during COVID-19 lockdown in Spain, a period of high uncertainty, suffering and change. After spending 12 days locked up for 24 hours in a row in an apartment in Madrid, there came a time when I didn't feel good at all. I missed the green of nature, the trees, the flowers, the breathing, the space... and I just couldn't find my space. My life passed between the living room, now officially converted into an office, and the bedroom. I had problems relaxing because I did not differentiate the work space from the personal and rest space. Until one day, thinking about a very special smell for me and what it made me feel, I discovered aromatherapy and started experimenting with essential oils. Through the aromas I was able to better control how I felt at all times so that the house did not fall on me and that is where Bynahla was born.

I hope Bynahla inspires you and provides you with the necessary ingredients to create your own rituals and enhance your well-being naturally. Our journey has just begun and there is much to do, we hope you get onboard.

A hug,

Natalia García, Founder of Bynahla.