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Bynahla is a responsible project that consciously incorporates the conservation of the environment and the well-being of people. We firmly believe that we are in a new stage of great challenges and it is our opportunity to better rebuild "Build Back Better".

Our sustainability strategy is a fundamental part of our business strategy and through the development of our activity it contributes to the Objectives Development ("SDG") that the United Nations has set as part of its 2030 Agenda , specifically goals # 3 (health and well-being), # 8 (decent work and economic growth), # 12 ( responsible production and consumption), # 13 (climate action) and # 14 (underwater life).

1. Our products help improve your natural well-being.

It all starts with you feeling good physically and mentally. Essential oils have multiple properties that will help you feel better and are 100% pure and natural, that means that they are directly extracted from plants and have not been treated with chemicals or other added elements.

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2. Less it is always more.

We work taking into account the scarcity of resources on the planet. For this reason we produce in short runs to avoid waste. This has disadvantages, because as in many sectors, there are economies of scale in production, which means that we work with high fixed costs, while these costs are negligible for brands that produce massively without taking into account the use of resources.

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3. We are part of the circular economy.

We incorporate recycled materials in all our packaging and we avoid working with single-use products. When this is not possible, we work with recycled plastic, such as postal mail bags that protect the package during shipping. It should be said that the production of these bags produces less CO2 emissions than the biodegradable alternative. Our diffusers come in organic cotton bags that you can reuse to store your things, such as mobile chargers, jewelry or cosmetics.

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4. We have a positive impact on the collection of plastics that end up in the oceans, on its recycling and on the coastal communities that collect it.

Bynahla contributes to the collection and recycling of 1,100 Kgs of plastics (equivalent to 55,000 bottles) which helps the well-being of 55 families in < strong> Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines and Egypt.

For this we collaborate with Plasticbank, an organization that builds ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities. The families that collect this plastic receive premiums that they use to meet basic needs such as food, gasoline, health insurance or education.

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5. We are firmly committed to reducing our carbon footprint to zero by 2021.

We aim for all our shipments to be carbon footprint neutral .

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6. We work with reference providers.

We have a high standard of work and this is also reflected in our choice of providers. Our suppliers have reference certifications in different areas, which show the quality and implementation of safety measures at work as well as the fair treatment of employees.

ODS  Decent work and economic growth
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Our goal is to become a 100% responsible and sustainable company and have a positive impact on our environment and its communities. We have a lot to do, and we have just started, join our movement!

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 Bynahla and Plasticbank Collaboration